Friday, January 30, 2009


So on thursday night I went to the doctors, because I have a cyst on my knee, and I wanted to get it drained. So my appointment was at 4:30, but I didn't even see my doctor till 6:30. He told me that he wast the right docter for this, and that I had to go to the orthopedics specialist. So they made an appointment to meet with the orthopedics specialist this morning at 9:00. I wated about a half hour till I saw him, and told me it could be one of two things. It could either be a cyst that happened from running, or I could have teared the cartlidge between the Knee joint, causing me to have a cyst. So if it is the first one, they just have to drain it, and everything will be just fine and dandy, but if it is the second one I am going to have to have knee surgery, and will have to use crutches again, which wont be to happy. He scheduled me to have an MRI, on tuesday to see which one it is. My first class on fridays is at 10:00 in the morning, so I was a little late to the class. I had left my bookbag at the school the day before, and thigs just seemed to not go as planned today. I got to my math class, and he handed back the tests, but mine was no where to be found, so I was stressed out all through the class, even until now. I went to work an hour early, because I looked at the schedual wrong, and got off an hour later then I thought I was supposed to. I love how I spoke about how I was so blessed to have trials in my last post, and in this post it speaks about quite a few of chain reaction trials. I am still very happy for trials, and if I think about it none of this really matters. I am very blessed to go through this, because I am going to feel so happy when all of this is over. What a blessing trials are in our lives, although we dont recognize them.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wonderful Life

Not everything in life goes the way you planned it. I know that through all the trials I have had great and small. Life is a very confusing thing, at times you are at the bottom of it, and the next moment you are on top of the world. I have had so many struggles, but each struggle I have had has blessed me in some way. Every tunnel has a light at the end, sometimes your feel that there is no strength left within you. I know that I have experienced rough things, so I could be more happy. You grow through each trial you go through. I love looking at a trial like it's a blessing. Life is too short, and if you don't learn anything through the trials you have, then you are going to have a sad life. I have had the most Wonderful day, because I know now, for sure I have conquered one of my trials. After leaving Maceys to try something new, I felt so unhappy in my new work environment. I dreaded going to work. I didn't know anyone, I had to learn things differently then I previously had to do them, and therefore I made many mistakes. I missed all of my friends at Maceys, and I missed the way they did things. It has been exactly two months since I have started at Dans. I have learned so much in these two months about myself, that I didn't even know existed. I am a lot more happy then I give myself credit for, I make new friends very easily, and I grow to love people really fast. Within these two months I went from feeling like a worthless employee, to a first class help to Dans. Today I had an experience that I never had at Maceys. Someone waited in my line instead of going to an open check stand, because they liked how I treated them better. She wanted me to help her, instead of someone else. I have no clue who she is, but I must have done something for her to want to come to my line every time she comes. I felt on top of the world, because she thought I was a good employee. The rest of the time at work I was glowing. I was so happy that I had the experience of being #1 in someones eyes. I have made it through harder struggles then this, but I know now that choosing to work at Dans was the right choice for me. I feel so blessed that I have a heavenly father that love me enough to guide me in such a way that I don't get the whole picture, but learn that it was the best path I could have taken. I know that if we put our trust in the lord, and try to be more like Jesus, and strive to be perfect like him, we will make it to the kingdom of heaven. I am so glad of the blessings I have received in my life, even if it took a trial to realize it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I don't know what it is, but I really enjoy school right now, it is so awesome. My favorite general class has to be Math 1010. Which seems very odd, but I enjoy it. I love figuring out how it works, and solving problems. Math is so much FUN!!! I enjoy the homework, because you learn how to do it well with the homework. I also enjoy my Social Work class, because It seems like an area I want to go into. We have to do 20 hours of Social Work related community service for the class. I am way excited to choose a place to do my service. I have already learned so much in my classes. My English 1010 class, seems like a review of High school, and even Jr. High English. It seems way too easy, although we do have to read a very boring book for the first semester. It is called Wordy Shipmates, and it is about how our society to day is still puritan. It is very hard to understand the book. You would have to be a history major to understand even half of what is going on in it. I love all of these classes, but every silver lining has a cloud. That cloud is botany. My teacher is a brainless, evolution driven teacher. Everything he says is totally against my religion. He says that everything on this planet came from air. I hate how he teaches false doctrines in class, and I definitely hope he doesn't test us on those false principles. So enough about generals, lets get into my religion classes. I am currently taking three institute classes, all of which I love and enjoy. My first class is Book of Mormon (first half). I love that we are learning about Nephi right now. We just talked about the revelation which Nephi received and how he was commanded that he should only write half of it. My second religion class is Choralaires. This is my absolute favorite class. You get to sing good songs, and meet a lot of people. We have so many highly spiritual experiences, and I enjoy how I feel when we experience them. My last class is held in the evenings on Thursday. It is my Missionary Prep class. It is so much fun I love the fact that my mission is coming up quick, and I can prepare for it while taking these classes.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three Break Downs

Yeasterday I had an 8 hour shift at work. It seemed a lot longer then it should have been. When my shift was over my friends came to my work, so we could hang out. So we went outside, and went to turn my car on, and it wasn't working. I look straight at the lights, and I saw that I left them on. So my lights drained the battery dead. They were on for eight hours. So my friend Austin tried jumping my car, and it would not start. He then left, and took two of my friends home. I asked my fellow co-workers if they could see if they could help me jump my car, and that didn't work either. So Austin came back, and took me home. I told my parents, then went downstairs so I could post this on my blog, but the internet was not working. So I have a broken car, and a broken intenet. I hoped nothing else would go wrong. Well I woke up this morning, and my mom asked me if I had Come Follow Me on my I pod, but I didn't I told her how she could put it on my I-pod though, because I had to go to church. When I got home my mom told me that my I-pod froze on her. So I tried unfreezing it but I forgot how to so I asked her if she could fix the internet, when my dad and I wen't to jump the car. So I was with my dad trying everthing, and the car would still not jump, but when I got back the internet was working. So right now my car is still dead, and I am going to look into getting my I pod restarted. That is my week-end for ya. It gave me something to write about.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey I am back

So I gave blood today, and It wasn't purple like I thought it should be, but it was a deep red. It only took 6 minutes this time, so a little improvement. I am doing well in school so far, and I am going to work at keeping it up.

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