Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Mission Call

I know that I am really late on this, because I am pretty sure most of you already know about my mission through facebook, but I thought it would be fun to post a video of me opening my call. I am so excited for my mission. It is definitely going to be the best to years of my life. I just cant wait to go into the MTC. I am so EXCITED!!!!!!

So there you have it I am going to be going to the Cebu, Philippines Mission. I am so excited. You also learned from the video that I will be leaving to the MTC on the 23rd of September, and that I will be learning the Cebuano language while at the MTC, and throughout my mission. I just cant wait!!! I am so ready to serve the lord with all my Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength. I am looking forward to the day to go into the MTC.

This is the Philippines Flag, just to show you all, I am pretty sure some of you already knew what it looked like, but I sure didn't. I think its pretty cool. I should probably look up the meaning of it. But there it is.

This is a digital image of the Cebu Philippines Temple, it is to be dedicated sometime during January. So I will be there when its dedicated. I think it is so cool, that they are putting a temple up in my mission while I am there. It is so cool that its getting put up in my mission, because my mission is so small. I am so ecstatic that this temple is going up in my mission.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yellowstone Trip

These are some pictures and videos of my families Jackson/Yellowstone trip. It was very fun, and I dont think we had one major fight the whole time which is very rare on these kind of things, but like I said it was alot of fun and we all really enjoyed it.

Jackson Hole squirrel he was very funny,
he had this underground system and
kept popping up in different parts of the
This is the squirrel I saw at the Cabin we
stayed at, he was very quick and agile. I
watched him climb up a tree, and then he
started making weird noises.

This is me and Annie at Old Faithful, we
were showing off our cool hoodies. She had
her Utah State one, and I had my Weber
State one. I think she is jealous that my
hoodie is cooler than hers.
This is just one of the gysers at Yellowstone.
I thought the bubbling was pretty cool, so I
took a video of it.

Another gyser I thought it was pretty cool
as well and it was sure acting up for me.
This was a cool waterfall in yellowstone, it
has a name, but I forgot what it was called.
So anyway it was a really cool waterfall.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Knee Surgury and Mission Stuff

Well if you didn't already know I had surgury on my knee, because I had a meniscus tear, that needed to be fixed. I had plenty of time to blog about it, but haven't. I am such a slacker on my blog. Anyway the surgury wasn't too bad, and I was working the same week of the surgery. I had to wear a brace for about two weeks, but I didnt wear it too much the second week I had it. I just couldn't stand for my leg to be stiff. I am doing alot better, and my knee feels good.

Another thing I have to talk about is my MISSION. I am so excited for my MISSION I turned my papers in on tuesday, and am anxiously waiting for a call. I am so excited to get out in the field and serve. I just know that this gospel is true, and being able to spread that to complete strangers, and see how it blesses their lives is going to be so awesome. I have already posted my mission thing on facebook, and have got an enormous response to where everyone thinks I will go, and I made a map of everyones guesses. It is so weird to think I will be going through the temple soon, and before I know it I will be on my MISSION. I am so excited!!!

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